While Social Distancing

Dear friends and neighbors

We miss our monthly opportunity for us to meet together at our mosque.

We ask God to keep you safe and protect us all from the hardships that we are facing.

We can always take a positive attitude and accept the challenges presented to us.

We will continue to support each other and work together. We can take this as an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with God and re-build our faith.

Here are videos that we like to share with you.

In this video, John Tolan, professor of history at the University of Nantes in France, shows that while many Europeans, from the Middle Ages to today, had a negative, polemical perception of Muhammad, others looked on him with fascination and admiration.

Islamic Judaism?
When Christians First Met Muslims
What Does a Catholic Nun Think About the Muslim Jesus?

First Baptist Church, Greenville, SC
Sunday Worship December 3, 2020

IPSC Interfaith Harmony Month 2021 Proclamation

From the archives of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta.
“What I Love About Islam ” – Rev Dr. M’ellen Kennedy
It highlights the importance of strengthening relations between faith groups

UUCA Sermon 3/12/2017 “What I Love About Islam ” – Rev Dr. M’ellen Kennedy https://youtu.be/2qk82WFmh9A

UUCA Sermon 3/12/2017 “What I Love About Islam” – Rev Dr. M’ellen Kennedy

From Baylor University in Washington

Communities of Faith and COVID 19

In these precarious times, Americans need more guidance than ever before from religious and spiritual leaders. Yet in many places, we have ceased gathering together. How can faith communities cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, and what advice do religious leaders have for American citizens right now? https://youtu.be/MTwmEJVcFK4

The Episcopal priest Barbara Brown Taylor gives a talk about Finding God in the Faith of Others

The Episcopal priest Barbara Brown Taylor gives a talk about Finding God in the Faith of Others. Another title for this is “Holy Envy,” which Barbara uses in her talk. In turn that was coined by a Lutheran bishop in Sweden, talking about what he found helpful in Mormonism.

Islam, Judaism, and Christianity – A Conversation

Panel discussion from Thursday, January 25, 2018, featuring Imam Omar Suleiman, Rabbi David Stern, and Saint Michael Rector Chris Girata. The conversation was moderated by Rev. Amy Heller, chaplain of the Episcopal School of Dallas.

A friendly conversation with several questions, such as:
What is a commonly held misconception of your tradition, and what would you like us to know about that?

Do we pray to the same God?

Why is it that each of the religions that you serve and that we are part of, focus on differences, and not similarities?

Reflecting on your tradition and in your faith identity, what is the most beautiful or loving part of that that you value the most?

Of course, there were more topics that were discussed.

Finding Value in the Faith of Others Online event sponsored by the Interfaith Fellowship of Augusta

The topic is a step beyond tolerance, which, while worthwhile, is still limiting. Being open to discovering values in the faith traditions of others can enrich one’s own tradition — permitting growth and discovery which transcends the normal tendency to only see what’s been seen before. The presenters at this event will articulate the values (not common theology) they see in the traditions of others that augment their own practice. That’s the idea behind Barbara Brown Taylor’s book, Holy Envy. It’s not easy. These presenters are up to the task.  https://spark.adobe.com/page/PEwfz6BAxlw73/


Diversity, and Pluralism in The Quran

Keynote Address for the 4th Annual International Conference on the Quran at Darul Huda Islamic University, 29 January, 2020