School Field Trips

The Islamic Society of Augusta welcomes visitations by schools and other groups.  Email to schedule a day and time that is convenient for your group.

We recommend visits starting at 1:00- 1:15 pm on Fridays.  The visit can start with a short tour of the facility and then the group may attend/observe the weekly Sermon (Khutbah) and congregational prayer, which concludes about 2:15 pm.  After, prayer we could spend as much time as your group likes to answer any questions.

In order to enter the prayer halls proper attire is required. For men and women that means no shorts or sleeveless tops. Women (and girls) need to wear long sleeves, long pants or skirts, and cover their hair. We can lend headscarves to guests that need them.

Everybody will be asked to remove your shoes (or wear shoe covers) before entering the prayer hall, it is recommended to wear slip-off shoes and clean socks or stockings.